Promoting your business on Instagram and to sway users

So, are you looking to buy Instagram likes?  If the answer is yes, then it must mean that you are building a strong following on Instagram. Having a powerful presence on Instagram means a lot more than it did when the app first came out. Now, the service is a true powerhouse that rivals Facebook in terms of popularity and even number of hits per day. The popular mobile app offers multiple services and is a great ramp for preparing a marketing campaign because it would mean reaching a large number of people relatively free.

Here are some of the strategies used to make the entire experience of even higher value and to ensure that the final return on your efforts justifies said effort considerably. There are a lot of strategies that can be used to maximize marketing efforts, so here are some of them.

Image quality

For starters, make sure that the bread and butter of the social network you are using is cared for and that you or your company only uses quality content to promote or complement your services or products. This means taking high quality photos and exploring different themes until you feel comfortable to one. After that, it’s best if you settle on that theme for the rest of your Instagram marketing endeavors.

Letting them in

You have probably seen in other places the approach of “like/share/comment/buy/order/etc. and you get access to our Instagram”. This is because unlike other social media platforms, Instagram feels more like a VIP experience than any other. The platform can be used to give followers behind the scenes scoops on your latest projects as well as heads up about upcoming deals, offers, events or release dates. This builds loyalty which is a valuable tool.

Bonds with other platforms

Instagram isn’t the only social media venture which offers invaluable access to a vast gathering of individuals from across all demographics. The other such services are probably also part of your marketing initiative, but you might be unknowingly making the mistake of keeping them separated. Linking all other platforms and available outlets to your Instagram account and vice versa brings a lot of exposure your way as followers and fans across all platforms merge steadily into one big super fan base.


Organizing competitions means giving people a chance to win in exchange for them doing you an even greater service. The rundown of competitions on Instagram is this: You generally offer up a prize, or multiple prizes, for those that like a specific element on your profile, or use a specific hashtag in their post. You can even have them submit their email addresses in exchange for a free trial of X product, or a complimentary X product.


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