Interactive Video Technology and Education

This is actually the first in a number of articles concentrating on interactive video and education. Part 1: The Teaching Predicament mainly concentrates on the dilemma that educational institutes all over the world happen to be facing when it comes to teaching.

Within the the past few years, visual communication as a good tool to boost delivery of your practice has acquired lots of traction. Educational institutes are continually confronted with the task of maintaining consistency and excellence of teaching over geographically spread branches. For example, will students signed up for an undergraduate business studies program in a top tier American college go through the same teaching quality in the centre East or Europe? The solution to this will likely be ‘not quite’. Although there are a variety of variables playing here however the most fundamental challenge is accessibility same quality of instructors across physical regions. Physical regions can typify different branches within the same city, across metropolitan areas, nations and continents. Maintaining teaching standards across continents is a bigger challenge because of the social, cultural and ethnic divides.

A conventional method of somewhat alleviate the issue is to fly in faculty periodically to conduct workshops. However, this can be very pricey and cumbersome. Technologies have a solution with this common and age-old problem. Although interactive video solutions have been in existence because the eighties, they have never been so affordable and accessible because they are today. Visual communication technologies have advanced advances and bounds which makes it highly immersive and interactive. More to the point, the bandwidth and also the infrastructure that’s needed to aid a really video chat conference is more and more affordable and ubiquitous now. This will make videoconferencing a practical and practical learning tool for that class room. Truly interactive visual communication can also add an amount training consistency across multiple institutes.

Full HD 1080p video, 360-degree audio coupled with interactive whiteboards and multiple cameras supply the next best factor to being physically contained in a class room. Interactive video technologies have truly reinvented how instructors and students interaction. From discussing lecture notes and feedback to transporting out assignments and group work, a relevant video conference setup inside a class room knows no physical limitations. Picking a interactive video equipment however may seem to be daunting initially using the sheer quantity of possibilities. Personally, i prefer Panasonic Interactive Video.

Panasonic is really a manufacturer of condition-of-the-art Interactive Video equipment. Their Visual Communication technology combines full 1080i video combined with advanced compression calculations hooking up you with co-workers and experts all over the world on standard broadband connections. 360° HD Full Duplex Audio with echo cancellation technology coupled with stunning video supplies a truly immersive and collaborative video conference.

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