Get Oriented With the Most Popular Friv Games

Are you monitoring the sites your daughter is checking online? As a parent, it is important that you always check what keeps her busy online as child as she is, she might get astray in sites that are forbidden for her age and even for adults at that. We all know that the online platform is not the safest place though there are also sites that are good enough for kids. But sometimes, because of our business, we just end up thankful that our kids are well-engrossed on their own and can’t bother us.

For sure your daughter is just busy playing online though but still there are games that are too much for young girls like those violent themed ones and so on. If you really want to make sure that she is in a safe site, direct here to play instead in one of the games in best online jogos friv games for girls. Here you will see hundreds of options and most of them have simple mechanics that can be easily played by kids.

Popular Friv Games.

Check out below some of the most popular friv games for girls:

  • Papa’s Pizzeria – this is just one of the Papa’s Pizzeria games. Just as what is mentioned, this comes with simple mechanics like all the player will do is assist the assigned manager to serve his customers properly and on time while the owner of the diner is not around.
  • Shopaholic Hawaii – just as what the name suggests, the player will help the character of the game to shop. She will be given a daily allowance and challenges in which she has to fulfil. Your girl will surely love this game as the character will be named after her or whatever name she wants to use.

Popular Friv Games....

  • Totally Spies – for sure you already heard about this game. Yes, they are secret agents and they will have different assignments every time in which they need to solve. They must be careful though as there are times when they will end up in tough situations. The good thing about this game is there is also a time when the player will decorate her place using the money she earned on her missions.

There are still so many friv for girl games that you can introduce to your kids. The bottom line is, in friv site, your girl is the safest.


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