Blogger Outreach: How to Increase Responses from Bloggers

To make sure that your content is being covered, shared or linked, consider a blogger outreach service to succeed in your campaign. Bloggers get a lot of emails and unluckily some SEO or PR staff makes the mistake of contacting bloggers without doing proper research. This is the reason they don’t get high response from bloggers that can subsequently result in a campaign’s failure. The following are some tips and tricks that you have to include in your outreach approach to increase blogger responses.

Carry Out Research

Undoubtedly, research is an essential thing that you have to do before you try to reach out to bloggers. It is not enough research to do a homepage scan after finding the blog for a particular keyword or check out backlinks and assume they will have your content shared as they shared similar content in the past.

As you conduct research about bloggers, know what type of person the blog owner is. Read, listen and learn the kind of material they tend to write which is related to your own subject and ensure you study the type of audience their content can attract. With this, you will be able to create a personalized initial email which shows the blogger that you have tried your best to learn things about them and that you are quite serious about working with them.

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Make it Personal

Many business owners do not personalize their first letter to a blogger. This will decrease the response rate. Doing your research right lets you know more about the blogger when it comes to their motivation, audience and interest to write a personalized and eye-catching introductory email.

Blogger Outreach Personal

The Offer

A lot of influential bloggers get paid through advertising. However, most bloggers are inspired to blog to share their own experiences, talk their mind on interesting areas and become more involved with areas they are passionate about.

When trying to contact a blogger, ensure that you make an offer that can add value to his blog. Thus, you have to offer content must be informative, interesting, entertaining and relevant. To make this possible, try to help them with promoting his blog. You can give them free exposure by mentioning them in a post you published on the blog of your client. Also, invite the blogger to an event exclusive for bloggers or give him exclusive imagery. Opportunities to obtain early access to recent collections or giving support to competitions that bloggers run on their blog are great ways to give something back which will make your partnership a win to win situation for the both of you.

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Don’t Make it Tough for Bloggers

Doing the work for bloggers and ensuring you provide them important information they need, you help the bloggers and create a stronger relationship with them. In fact, you also increase the possibility of bloggers to want to partner with you again. Try to think about and prepare for the following:

  • The project’s aim
  • A list of essential information written short an in a concise way.
  • Supporting high resolution imagery
  • Background information at hand

Bloggers Background information

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