Introducing the Concept of SEO

In order to increase traffic on your website employing SEO services is a crucial way to guarantee more traffic for your website. But, if you do not know what SEO is, it’s quite simple. Companies such as InboundCPH are tasked with helping you get a higher rating in googles search engine. And with how often people rely on google as their primary search engine, it’s safe to say that, the higher on the list you are the more likely you will attract new clientele.

What is the objective of SEO?

As I mention above, SEO is a process to receive a greater amount of traffic. Though there is much more to this in the terms of what InboundCPH can do for you.  Increasing sales is the primary target, alongside strengthening your brand, ensuring repeat business for your company. It’s also important to set achievable goals, setting your sights too high can result in an opposite outcome.

Finding a solution that fits you 

Seeking out a plan for SEO must be entirely unique, depending on what it is your site does. Though basic techniques work on a general basis, one way of doing things doesn’t always translate to every case. There for a custom strategy must be developed for your brand.

Ranking your Keywords   

One of the ways to boost your traffic is ranking with certain keywords. Let’s say for example, you have bakery and you want to rank high with the keyword “Baking Goods”. You will have a difficult time competing for a top position within that key word. A common strategy used is elongating the keyword in to a new one that has less competition. Again going back to baking good, adding “gourmet” the beginning completely changes the search results, giving you a boosted rank.


Sometimes the methods employed by some site, can seem questionable. But, nothing is illegal when it comes to this type of work. It’s that google frowns on some of these practices, not all. So, when you hire companies to help you, they will help inform you about these practices. In the end though it will be your decision and responsibility, on how you utilize companies such as InboundCPH.

Site Indexing

The most important thing before actually engaging with any type of plan, is to know if your site is indexed. What that means is does google recognizes your site as legitimate. With millions of websites out there, many of them are junk or spam related and will not show up on google searches. If your site doesn’t come up searches, there really isn’t anything SEO can do to help. A way a site can lose its indexing, is when it participates in some of the frowned upon practices mentioned earlier.

More than meets the eye 

This is just a general explanation of how SEO can work for your website and help increase traffic. There is simply just too much that can be discussed when talking about this subject, to fit into this article. So, if you decide SEO is the next step for you, consulting with the fine folks at InboundCPH can shed light on almost any question you have regarding their services.

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